Brother's GOW + MONTU :: Sundown at Granada :: June 22 atSundown at Granada
Wednesday, June 22 2016
Brothers Gow --- Ocean Beach, CAA visual & soulful blend of Rock, Funk and Jazz-influenced improvisation, and some good clean fun. The band’s energetic stage presence combined with powerful vocal harmonies, complex arrangements, ripping guitar solos and the band’s awe-inspiring lighting makes each show memorable. MONTU --- Norman, OK JAMTRONICA: an electronic jam band that blends a multitude of influences into an unforgettable live experience full of high energy and good times. Consisting entirely of organic playing with no prerecording or sequencing, the skill and freedom in the music brings elements of funk, jazz, rock, and R&B all mixed together into a seamless whirlwind of sound and lights that won't leave you standing still. WHISKEY WEDNESDAYS presented by Sundown at Granada --- 1/2 off Whiskey + Bourbon + Scotch $10 tickets // 10pm