Deniro Farrar, Que. & Well$ atThe Rabbit Hole
Saturday, July 29 2017

Time2Fly Music Presents – Deniro Farrar & Que ft. Well$HSTRY

Qushawan Farrar, aka Deniro Farrar, is a rising rapper born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina – specifically the Little Rock Apartments and the high-crime community of Tuckaseegee (704 Queen’s City, CLT).

Working with independent label Black Flag Records, he started gathering momentum in late 2010 with the release of Feel This, his 31-track debut mixtape. He’s gone on to release several other projects since, and has been networking extensively, steadily gaining recognition from all the major blogs. He’s also been collaborating with some of the most progressive young producers in the game.

Farrar displays a crazy amount of passion for rap, both live and on record. His brutally honest lyricism is unmatched right now, and his work as a whole is a breath of fresh air amidst all the fakeness. Most recently, after several years of relentless grinding, he officially signed a record deal with VICE and Warner Bros. Stay tuned for the further adventures of the leader of Cult Rap.

Que. –
Known simply as Que, there is nothing basic about him. Although he began rhyming just a few short years ago, it seems as if 2013 is shaping up to be his breakout year. The Atlanta transplant by way of Kansas City, KS has managed to build a cult-like fan base that includes prominent DJs, Producers and Rappers, as well as the under 30 crowd. Que’s name really began buzzing when he, along with his close-knit friend and Grammy Nominated Producer Sonny Digital, dropped the now classic mixtape Forbes Atlanta to favorable reviews. The steadily growing street anthem “Young N*gga” produced by Digital that features Que and Migos, took off and took on a life of its own. The melodic-driven track serves as the perfect backdrop to showcase the 22 year-old’s unique finesse on the mic. Describing his flow as fun yet introspective with crazy metaphors, Que and his crew are on to something with their bourgeoning young movement.
Que grew up in the entertainment industry. His aunt was an executive at LaFace Records in the Artist Development department during its heyday in the late 90’s, which has given the former basketball star a huge advantage. He has successfully mastered the art of packaging his life experiences and lifestyle into catchy yet relatable music that has resonated with a new generation ranging from hipsters to thugs.
Instead of going the conventional route of servicing “Young N*gga,” Que and his team chose the old-school grassroots method of marketing. They started from ground zero hitting up every single club and shaking hands with each DJ, building the Forbes brand from the bottom up. It’s that hands-on approach that has opened up a floodgate of artistic opportunities for Que.
In between his hectic travel and work schedule, Que has found the time to add to his budding resume. Those accomplishments include an upcoming EP ¿Qué Fresco? with fellow wordsmith Mike Fresh, writing credits for Ludacris on his upcoming album Ludaversal (“Nine Times Outta Ten” produced by Metro Boomin), collaborations with French Montana, Juicy J, Ali of Travis Porter and Atlanta MC Tracy T.
Que and Digital are planning to add another collective hit under their designer belts with the single “Swaray” from the Forbes Atlanta disc, which features the duo rapping together.
Hard work is key when it comes to bringing one’s dreams into reality and Que is the poster child for perseverance. Some may call it beginners luck but when you possess the heart, skill and faith that Que has, luck is just another term for preparation that has collided with opportunity.