Eminence Ensemble w/ PapaGlitch Live at Sundown at Granada | May 19th atSundown at Granada
Friday, May 19 2023
Eminence Ensemble on the road to Elevation Music Festival lands in Dallas at Sundown at Granada on May 19th!
Support from PapaGlitch
Doors 9pm | Show 930pm
The Colorado-based sextet, comprised of members Tanner Bardin [drums], Nick Baum [vocals, percussion], Wil Snyder [keyboard, synth], Zac Flynn [bass, synth, vocals], Dylan Gleit [guitar, vocals] & Justin Neely [guitar, vocals], has been steadily building their fan-base through explosive live shows featuring a unique conglomerate of genre-blending compositions. The archipelago of sonic worlds put forth by the band features elements of rock, funk, metal, electronic, soul, and hip-hop that together create an intricate foundation to be decorated by exploratory improvisational jams in a unique way, every show.