Granada Theater and Time2fly PRESENTS: HEART BYRNE *Talking Heads Tribute* w/ support TBA atGranada Theater
Friday, May 23 2014

Fri, May 23 | Doors: 8:00 pm

$15 - $30 all fees and taxes included

This band performs the music of Talking Heads. This band performs a live concert in the style of 'Stop Making Sense' while adding song selections from each phase of Talking Heads history. This band consists of musicians that live in Austin, Texas. This band consists of great friends that share a great reverence for the work of Talking Heads and David Byrne in particular. Daniel Borrelli (k), Dustin Bozarth (k,v), Evan Bozarth (b,v), Emilie Clepper (v), Andy Harn (d,g,v), Chris Holland (b), Sham Jones (b,v), Meg Kemp (ts,v), Amy Lewis (v), Dan McGreevy (d,v), Charlie Narayan (g,v), Jon Olson (g), Josh Pearson (g), and Shadd Scott (d,v)