Henry + The Invisibles  •  STARPARTY atDeep Ellum Art Company
Friday, October 13 2017
Doors 8:00PM
Show 9:00PM

Deep Ellum Art Company Presents:

Henry + The Invisibles (Austin, TX)
[ Soul / Funk / Dance ]

“Henry + The Invisibles (Henry Roland) is a live-looping, multi-instrumentalist aka “The One Man Funk Band” that loops and layers vocal harmonies, funk guitar, grooving bass, soulful keyboards and powerful percussion to create original high energy dance music that sounds like a solid 5 piece funk ensemble!”

— & —

[ Disco / Electro / Rock ]

“Most of STARPARTY’s members have been playing music virtually their entire lives. Steinberg, who had been doing covers of electronic-pop duo Daft Punk on his own, was approached by a member of another band who was interested in doing the same thing. When that band member passed away unexpectedly, the remaining group still wanted to carry out that idea: a Daft Punk cover band with some individuality of their own.”

— with —

DJ Mikey Rodge (Dallas, TX)
[ Future Funk / Electro Soul ]

“Mikey Rodge wants you to dance your face off! Perhaps more accurately, he wants to lay down the throbbing bass lines, tantric melodies and intoxicating beats that will inspire you to do that very thing.”

“Whether through his writing or his DJ sets, Mikey Rodge is constantly striving to be the ultimate middle man for funky electronic music.”

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