Marcus Rezak ‑ Shred Is Dead atDeep Ellum Art Company
Thursday, January 19 2023
Deep Ellum Art Company Presents: Marcus Rezak – Shred Is Dead
Marcus Rezak has carved out a distinguished style in the world of guitar with several cutting-edge groups such as Truth in Sound, Shred is Dead, Digital Tape Machine, Stratosphere All-Stars, Katharsis, Supernatural Beings in addition to frequent engagements as an artist-at-large.
Links & More
Truth in Sound (Feat. Russ Lawton, Ray Paczkowski, Tony Markellis and Kalyan Pathak)
Gateway to the Galaxy (Feat. Kris Myers, Joel Cummins, Bill Evans, Arthur Barrow)
Shred is Dead Feat. Adrian Tramontano, Chris DeAngelis, & Scott Hannay LIVE at Zenbarn
Deep Ellum Art Company
3200 Commerce Street
Dallas, TX