Spafford atThree Links
Saturday, March 25 2017
Doors 8:00PM
Show 8:00PM

— Time2Fly Music + Banjos to Beats present —

Spafford (Prescott, AZ)

[ Electro Funk Therapy ]

Refusing to be restricted to any musical boundaries, Spafford seamlessly blends together an eclectic mixture of all of their collective musical experience. The heart of their sound is rooted in deep sonic exploration with a focus on improvisational elements. With jams stretching well beyond the typical structures of their songs, fans have flocked to their live shows to experience the unique energy captured within each performance. A focus on blending genres with a deep foundationof patient groove building has helped craft a sound all their own. Formed in 2012 by happenstance, the band has been building an organic fanbase in the Southwestern United States through word of mouth ever since.

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