TreeHouse! ‑ Reggae at Deep Ellum Art Company atDeep Ellum Art Company
Wednesday, October 17 2018

Deep Ellum Art Company Presents:
[ music venue | art gallery | backyard |bar ]

TreeHouse (Myrtle Beach, SC)
[ reggae | jam | rock ]

Tickets on Sale Now!
$7 ADV / $10 DOS

For nearly seven years, the guys from TreeHouse! have spent the majority of their days as road warriors blazing sprawls of highway and at night playing an unapologetic enthusiastic blend of reggae jam rock they are know for in venues across the nation.

TreeHouse! songs resonate in your soul. With lyrics filled with rising above adversity, gratitude, and unity. For every setback, there’s a step up waiting for you if you keep your focus. For every day, there’s a blessing to count and for every event, we must recognize we are a part of it all. It’s this kind of message that makes the most recent studio album, Lifted, their strongest release to date.

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