(trymore)MOJO // The Debut of Schema Things // Chompers atYour Mom's House
at Your Mom's House
Friday, February 08 2019

The Debut of Schema Things // (trymore)MOJO // Chompers at Your Mom’s House

Schema Things
And on the eighth day, God said “let there be Jamtronica.” And there was Jamtronica, and God saw that it was good. At first glance you may think “what does one more roving band of jammy boys in Denver matter in the grand scheme of things? There’s shit like war and poverty going on, dude.” We worry about that kind of stuff all the time, along with other various bullshit like paying bills or rent. But ain’t nobody got time for that, my dawgs. You can take a break from worrying about that kind of stuff once in a while to get down with four roving jammy boys from Denver. Because in the grand scheme of things, the it’s not the value of your bank account that matters, it’s the breadth of your human experience.

MOJO -trymoremojo

An introspective look at funk and electronic music; MOJO offers funky riffs, spacey soundscapes, inviting vocals, and heavy grooves.

Chompers doesn’t know when to stop. Their infectious jams cause inanimate objects to dance.

Doors: 7:00PM // Show: 8:00PM
$13 Cover // 21+
Happy Hour 4pm-8pm // ½ off everything

Presented by Boogie Groove Entertainment