Unaka Prong W/ The Hawthornes at The Rabbit Hole atThe Rabbit Hole
Thursday, June 23 2016
The music is based in a multitude of genres, but most directly pulls from jazz, prog rock, funk, reggae, and the blues. Formed in the winter of 2013, Unaka Prong is the culmination of six App State students' musical exploration.Through coincidental jamming and ASU's Jazz Ensemble, Mike Welsh, John Hargett, Daniel Stevenson, Jonathon Sale, Chris Pope, and Nic Pressley began joining songwriting forces and experimenting respective styles as Unaka Prong. Sometimes playing janky, proggy riffs, and sometimes sweet, tasty grooves, Unaka Prong uses its member's repertoire of influences to effortlessly fade in and out of genres.