Sing Kumba & Mystic Heights

Sing Kumba has been bringing the Message of One Love thru Reggae Music from his home in St Kitt’s to


Space Funk Quartet based in Dallas, TX seeking the highest of interstellar peaks.

Smoking with Strangers

Smoking With Strangers, based out of Dallas, TX, is an electronic music production & performance duo. The band is comprised of producer & DJ, Jay Sustain, producer & performer, FullyMaxxed. Working with other Artists, singers and musicians, really helps the band get an incredibly full sound. They write & perform original material & covers, that encompass their style. The collective force of their creativity is unique & strong. Nominated for a Dallas Observer Music Award: Best Electronic Act, 2020.


PlaneKeys is the Downtempo/Ambient project of sound designer & touring keyboardist, Leland Kracher. Focusing on high fidelity sound design from both synthesizers & traditional instruments, PlaneKeys creates rich textures & soundscapes perfect for relaxing & meditative listening, while keeping the listener constantly engaged with sonic Easter eggs carefully placed throughout each track.

Vibe Scholar

Vibe Scholar searches the deepest corners of the worlds crates and record shops, scowering for the funkiest of samples. Taking from these elements, he blends guitar, bass (sometimes the meaty kind), and keys to develop a smooth funky groove that tingles your earholes.