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Deep Ellum Art Company Presents:

Henry + The Invisibles (Austin, TX)
[ Soul / Funk / Dance ]

“Henry + The Invisibles (Henry Roland) is a live-looping, multi-instrumentalist aka “The One Man Funk Band” that loops and layers vocal harmonies, funk guitar, grooving bass, soulful keyboards and powerful percussion to create original high energy dance music that sounds like a solid 5 piece funk ensemble!”

— & —

[ Disco / Electro / Rock ]

“Most of STARPARTY’s members have been playing music virtually their entire lives. Steinberg, who had been doing covers of electronic-pop duo Daft Punk on his own, was approached by a member of another band who was interested in doing the same thing. When that band member passed away unexpectedly, the remaining group still wanted to carry out that idea: a Daft Punk cover band with some individuality of their own.”

— with —

DJ Mikey Rodge (Dallas, TX)
[ Future Funk / Electro Soul ]

“Mikey Rodge wants you to dance your face off! Perhaps more accurately, he wants to lay down the throbbing bass lines, tantric melodies and intoxicating beats that will inspire you to do that very thing.”

“Whether through his writing or his DJ sets, Mikey Rodge is constantly striving to be the ultimate middle man for funky electronic music.”

Tickets on Sale Now!
$10 ADV / $15 DOS

Deep Ellum Art Company Presents:
Rock ‘n’ Roll High School (Class Reunion)
featuring local DFW grunge bands –

[ 8:30pm ] Sedated – The World’s Greatest Ramones Tribute Band
[ 10:00pm ] Green Dazed – The Green Day Tribute Band
[ 11:40pm ] Stone Temple Posers

Tickets on Sale Now!
$10 ADV / $15 DOS

Time2Fly Music Presents – The Nth Power at The Rabbit Hole

$12 Presale
$15 DOS

The Nth Power – Proving that soul music can be exponentially greater than the sum of its parts, The Nth Power is on a mission to share the light. Formed during an impromptu late-night jam at Jazz Fest 2012 in New Orleans, the relentlessly funky and soulful band believes in music as a higher power – tapping into an energy that is simultaneously sexy and spiritual, with songs that will inspire audiences to dance, groove, make love or just stand there with goose bumps.

The quartet hails from diverse musical backgrounds, races and creeds. Female powerhouse Nikki Glaspie was Beyonce’s world-touring drummer for five years before she joined Ivan Neville’s New Orleans outfit, Dumpstaphunk. Bassist Nate Edgar of Groovechild and John Brown’s Body perfectly compliments Singer and Guitarist Nick Cassarino who came from the Jennifer Hartswick Band and toured with Big Daddy Kane. Finally rounding off the ensemble is the newest and youngest member, Courtney J’Mell Smith who brings his soulful vocals and keyboard abilities to the table.

“It’s my dream team,” says Glaspie. “Each one of us is a songwriter, so when we get together, everything becomes much stronger.” Beyond raw skill, however, Glapsie cites a deep spiritual connection as the glue that binds them together. “Music is what brought us together, but it’s the spiritual bond that makes us play so in touch with each other.”

At the core of their vibe is a deviously simple concept – the healing power of Love.


Even Hurricane Harvey can’t stop KPFT for long…

KPFT 90.1 FM is holding ElectroLuv 2017, a benefit for the only true listener sponsored nonprofit community radio in Houston, Texas.

ElectroLuv 2017 Band Schedule

Premium Blend 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Junk In The Funk 7:45 PM to 9:00 PM
MOJO – Modular Johnson 9:15 PM to 10:30 PM
Part OF A Complete Breakfast 10:45 PM to 12:00 AM
PotRoast 12:15 PM to Closing

This is a heavy funk loaded show and proceeds benefit KPFT.

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