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Deep Ellum Art Company Presents:
[ live music / art gallery & yard / bar ]

A Live One – Celebrating the Music of Phish

A Live One is Texas’ premier Phish tribute, formed in 2011 by guitarist Josh Pearson, bassist Andy Harn, keyboardist Zack Morgan and drummer Alan Eckert. Being huge fans and heavily influenced by Phish, the band found it very exciting recreating their music. With 200 shows under their belts, the band has toured heavily throughout the country and performed at several festivals including Phases of the Moon, Euphoria, Art Outside & Highberry. Digging into the chemistry of Phish’s music, A Live One rises to the challenge, striving to create a similar experience, on a much smaller scale.

$10 ADV / $15 DOS
Tickets on Sale Now!

Deep Ellum Art Company Presents:
[ live music / art gallery & yard / food trucks ]

Gravity Lumpkin Super Jam
w/ members of Gravity Feed & fatty Lumpkin

Funk, blues, rock, jazz, and more!

Mr Molly
A hypnotic blend of live dance, art, and electronic music.

Addicted to music, will always bring the future funk. BYOTB: Bring Your Own Talk-Box.

$8 ADV / DOS
Tickets on Sale Now @
Limited ($5) Early Bird Tickets Available!


Deep Ellum Art Company Presents:
[ live music / art gallery & yard / food trucks ]

Mike Dillon’s New Orleans Punk Rock Percussion Consortium
Mike Dillon’s Punk Rock Percussion Consortium draws from Dillon’s formal percussive training at the University of North Texas, decades of experience as a band leader, and the inspiration sparked by the hundreds of percussionists that have crossed his path along the way, to realize his longtime ambition of creating a do-it- yourself percussion ensemble. Featuring Jim Loughlin from Moe.

In true punk rock fashion, MDPRPC brings together a dynamic rotating roster of up to 20 percussionists to play music written and/or arranged by Dillon, on instruments—marimbas, xylophones, drum kits, bells, chimes, bass marimba, congas, tablas drum, bongos, timpani, steelpan drums, timbales and so on—that the artist has collected over the course of his career.

Billy Goat
Billy Goat was a band playing rock, funk and Latin styles from 1989 to 1997. Originating in Denton, Texas, Billy Goat was popular in the Dallas and Austin scenes[1] including Deep Ellum and became known for its wild stage antics including playing naked.

Like a breeze of fresh air resonating forth from the heart of Texas, KatsüK [n. catsook] is a powerfully magnetic group at the forefront of a fervent world transformation in conscious music. Cognizant in its lyrical message and veracious in its tone, KatsüK, seamlessly fuses world sounds with classical instrumentation, tribal percussion, infectious pop/folk melodies and a soaring and deeply odic quality of frontman and founder, Daniel Katsük’s voice.

Tickets on Sale Now @
$10 ADV // $15 DOS
Limited Early Bird Tickets available $8


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